Renegades (c) Copyright Simon Redley


In 1969, Irish rock band Thin Lizzy played its first gig in their home city of Dublin. In 1986, after massive success around the globe, their superstar charismatic leader Phil Lynott passed away suddenly. But the band’s music and his legacy lives on - and will do so for ever.

Especially while such talented musicians as Keith Buck, Tony Staniforth, Dave Jacobs and Mick Stafford are paying their ultra classy tribute to those timeless songs under the guise of Renegades - The Very Best of Thin Lizzy.

Four mega-talented, Midlands-based musicians with one thing in common; an undying love of the timeless and unforgettable music of Irish superstar rock band Thin Lizzy.

The quartet locked themselves away in the rehearsal studios for almost 12 months to nail note for note renditions of the famed twin guitar fronted, legendary band's evergreen repertoire before they would attempt to play in public.

But when they were ready to rock, boy oh boy oh boy did they rock? Now, a few months down the line, the band have a handful of sizzling gigs under their belt and have speedily built up a solid reputation; as THE band to watch if you are a fan of Lizzy's music. If you can get in, that is!

After their packed to the rafters debut gig at the Lady Jane at Whitwick, on their home turf in Leicestershire, the fearless foursome returned triumphant to that same venue and filled it a second time. Since then they have played “house full” gigs across the Midlands. This summer they will rock a few festivals and further establish themselves as a musical force to be reckoned with.

The guys aptly adopted the name Renegades, based around the Lizzy track Renegade of course, and selected a couple of dozen of Lizzy's very best songs from their album tracks, hit singles and popular live numbers to kick off their live performances. They have gradually added even more of Lizzy's songs to their set, and numbers associated with the solo career of the late and great Gary Moore.

Lizzy guitar heroes Gary Moore, Scott Gorham, Snowy White, Brian Robertson, John Sykes and Eric Bell are really hard acts to follow. But the Renegades lads fear nothing. Among their secret weapons are the vastly experienced guitar players Keith Buck and Tony Staniforth.

Keith is a versatile multi-instrumentalist and session man - a pro' player for almost four decades - his skills heard on many hit records. He has travelled the globe for shows on huge stages with many top artists. Keith found international acclaim as lead guitarist with another twin guitar set up; Martin Turner's Wishbone Ash.

He is now a member of Talon, the top drawer UK band who fills theatres across the UK performing the music of the Eagles – recently named "Number One" Eagles tribute band in the 2013 national tribute band awards.

Tony is an accomplished singer and guitarist who was a member of successful Midlands band Silver Street, along with ace drummer Mick. Experienced musician Dave plays bass and takes on lead vocal duties here, with a background in many genres of music, (especially funk,) and a skill set that equals those of his Renegades colleagues. His sublime vocals and spot on bass lines are a perfect fit for Renegades. Close your eyes and on much of Renegades’ set, Lynott’s vocal phrasing is uncanny.

Individually the guys have impressive backgrounds, but collectively they have a unique chemistry and huge mutual admiration for each others abilities. Sharing a big respect and love for the original Thin Lizzy and their musical legacy, Keith, Mick and Tony can all recount treasured anecdotes of the impact of seeing the original band in concert in the early '70s and beyond. Of being influenced by Lizzy's influential guitarists and unique powerhouse drummer Brian Downey.

Dave has not taken his role lightly at all, having huge respect for Phil Lynott as a bassist, singer and explosive frontman. One of his personal musical heroes.

Stalwart Lizzy fans have been left speechless at just how authentic and polished these boys sound, and unanimously agree that this ain't “just another” tribute band. The attention to detail and professional sound and lighting provided by their deft technical crew - also using almost identical equipment to the original band - adds to the authenticity of the overall end result.

Yeah……….When Renegades are ready to rock, you better be ready too. Not just a gig. Always an event. And remember............."There's going to be a jailbreak. Somewhere in this town................"But Renegades have the key!